Past Events

Oregon Ferret Shelter holds its annual Halloween Costume Contest

Every year, the Oregon Ferret Shelter holds a Halloween Costume Contest for the attendees at their monthly meetings. This year was no different. People who make costumes for ferrets are a different breed. It is sort of like making a costume for a toddler in that you know it is not going to be appreciated by the wearer. Ferret costuming is also an ephemeral art -- the costumes are made with the knowledge that it might be destroyed fairly soon. With teeth. And the creator knows that putting the costume on is going to be like shoving a full-grown greased-up pig into a pair of pantyhose. It is a difficult, unappreciated, and exacting chore that is done purely for the love of the craft.

This year, the costuming got more and more outrageous as the competitors really outdid themselves on their designs. There were many very worthy candidates. Here are the winners:

First Place: Bridgett White’s Marsanya the ferret as the Queen of Hearts

Second Place: Pepe as the Ace of Hearts

Third Place: Lisa Harris’ Willow as Queen of the Ball

There were many other fine efforts, as there was a high participation rate this year. Peter and Schylar Frederick brought their furkids, dressing Shirley as a cheerleader and Dexter as a jock. Stephanie Whiteside had two entries that went way beyond for style and grace (with lots of lace!) with a gothic theme.

There were many laughs as the wee ferrets complained about their appearance by squirming and sulking. No ferret seemed as angry as Pepe the Ace of Hearts, who simply would not wear his costume for more than five seconds. Who knew that ferrets could be so angry and yet so adorable?

The Oregon Ferret Shelter thanks everyone for their efforts.

Weasels Dancing in the Park 2014

This year's Weasels Dancing in the Park, which was held on August 2, 2014, had a fantastical steampunk theme. Lots of people stepped up by dressing their ferrets and themselves in steampunk clothing and unusual inventions of all types. There was even a giant cog and festive masks you could get your picture taken with.

Guest speaker Dr. Katrina Ramsell spoke about first aid for your ferret. And Dr. Meg Frey from Full Circle Veterinary Clinic did $5 vet exams.

Perhaps the funnest moments came with Dr. Weaselhoffer's steampunk-themed costume contest. There were brilliant top hats and adorable Victorian corsets on confused but well-mannered ferrets. What a fun time it was!

The auction raised more than $2000 for the shelter ferrets.

The Oregon Ferret Shelter would like to thank the many people who made this event possible. A page with sponsors is being created right now and should be up soon.

NW Pet Expo

The Oregon Ferret Shelter made it to the NW Pet and Companion Fair this year to promote the second part of their mission:
Strive to provide education to the public about the proper care of ferrets as pets to prevent abandonment and neglect.

To that end, volunteers were on hand all weekend with ambassador ferrets, speaking to people about the unique needs that ferret ownership requires. They were also there to stop the spread of misinforation about ferrets and to change the negative way many people see these loving sensitive pets.

Briscoe, the white ferret with one black leg, carried himself very well as a representative of the shelter. Dookie Ferret, internationally known chocolate-colored OFS Ambassador Ferret, was also on hand for the festivities.